Pink Skull

Unicorn Harpoon (Someone Else Rmx)

Pink Skull - Unicorn Harpoon (Someone Else Rmx)

3 tracks of Psychic TV inspired dance music, featuring a re-mix by Someone Else (Tuning Spork). Pink Skull’s Julian Grefe is a former punk rocker cum raver. Created in a mescaline-and-psychedelic-mushroom-addled haze, this EP is heavily inspired by 70’s Krautrock, African rhythms and South American influences. Unicorn Harpoon is a chunky electro house track, and is paired with Imagination, a Daft Punk-inspired rehash of an 80’s disco track. The single’s B-side is a stripped down remix of Unicorn Harpoon from Foundsound producer Someone Else (nee Sean O’Neal).

12inch Tone Arm: Tar010 € 9,99