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Historical Archives Volume 11

Members Only - Historical Archives Volume 11

The only member once again brings the heat! This time pairing the high energy disco of Sylvester and 80's German techno group, Two Of China, remaking Dangerous Liasons' ''Los Ninos Del Parque.'' Remake of a remake. ''U R A Star'' a 13 minute edit epic; 130 + BPMs of andrenaline. The track is sped up just a bit from the original, with vocal parts and strings spliced, looped and layed right on top of each other to extend the hype! Then feed the whole two channel track through a flanger! On the flip, more of the same, minus the now cheesy vocals of the original vocal version. The beats are still fresh today though! Beats taken from the vocal and instrumental version put through the Member's blender.

12inch Members Only: MO11 remind