Raiders of the lost arp


Raiders of the lost arp - Tema5

Second solo album by Mario Pierro (aka Raiders of the lost arp) of Jollymusic / Mat101 fame. Tema5 is the definitive journey into its world made of electronic funk & soul, or as they call it in Detroit Hi-tech funk. Mario produces a great blend of funk and techno preserving the effect on the dancefloor thanks to his jammin attitude. For those who haven't experienced any of his live shows, Mario always combines his jazzy funk driven musician style to his old fashioned synths and drum machine's hands-on behaviour. Tracks like Summer 1986 or Love song, even shows some of the italian melodic tradition (without making a reference to italo disco!!). Raiders is paying more tribute to the early influences of Detroittechno and chicago house and fuses that with some clean funk and then you get tracks such as Fastfunk and Space garbage. Beyond the Dark (previously available on a limited 12'') is one of the highlights of this album And the remix of UR's Galaxy to Galaxy project, represents the final definition of Mario's science-fiction soul drama vision of contemporary dance music. Check!

2LP Nature: Nat2137 remind