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Hugh Like

Office Fields

cover: Hugh Like - Office Fields

Morse records from Antwerp is slowly becoming a high quality label that put out strong tracks by talented artists. Collaborations with known artists such as Tyree and Marco'' Outlander'' Salon , Scott Ferguson) and new talents such as Chymera, Red D and Hugh Like. This new 12 is a guy names Hugh Like who drops a great alienating track called 'Content'. Nice confident sounding track that is somewhere between minimal and house. Nice classy build up and use of a violin makes this a track that really stands out and breaks with the standard techno formula without being akward. Very dark and futuristic... would function very well as a sound track for a science fiction movie!.The other two tracks are in the same line and make this an outstanding forward thinking release! Check!

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vinyl 12inch Morse records Morse006 in stock buy € 7.99