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Hey Mr Dj / Pinchroller

cover: Loud-E - Hey Mr Dj / Pinchroller

Two great edits produced by Rotterdams Loud-e (who previously did an amazing edit release on Magick Edits & Bear Funk). This Disco connaisseur is sharing some of his sickest and hottest edits, made out of several tracks which once were available as b-side, as obscure library album or just in very limited quantities. He is one of those young guys influenced by the scene around Clone and CBS and dj's such as I-f & Baldelli. But now its his time to shine with some amazing edit work! Hey Mr Dj!!! This song is just for you!

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vinyl 12inch Objects of Desire OOD001 in stock buy € 4.99
 This item is also available for download @ CLONE D\G\T\L