Free Blood

Royal Family / Grumpy

Free Blood - Royal Family / Grumpy

Royal Family is the second in a series of three 12-inch singles from Free Blood, the new Brooklyn two-piece consisting of Madeline Davy (Octopi NYC) and John Pugh (!!!). The hypnotic vocals and melancholy rhythms of ''Royal Family'' accompanied by its haunting piano stabs and pounding drums, make for a unique, futuristic pop song. The Brothers then strip it down to its bare essentials for a more four-on-the-floor club version. ''Grumpy'' includes tuff cello stabs and screeching vocal effects over a raucous disco break. UK disco DJ and re-edit legend Greg Wilson closes the single with his own take on the track.T

12inch Rong: Rongdfa003 € 3,99