Ensemble Pittoresque

For This Is Past

Ensemble Pittoresque - For This Is Past

In November 1982 Ensemble Pittoresque gathered all their songs, idea's and equipment to start recording in a squatted monumental building in Wassenaar called Huize Rijksdorp. Clogsontronics released this what later would became their best known record in the beginning of 1983. Called For This Is Past, the album title also refers to Störung's This Is Future album. Now 25 years later this collectors item is re-released in the new Clogsontronics format as Vinyl + CD in one package. The package features a Hansaboard sleeve with glued-on picture, inner sleeve with lyrics and credits as well as two ''HoSuMuKu Collective'' stickers. The original mastertape was used. The release is limited to 700 hand number stamped copies.

LP Clogsontronics: SG007 remind
LP + CD Clogsontronics: SG007 (Mint) remind