This Is Future

Störung - This Is Future

First released in 1982 as SG002, Clogsontronics has re-released the Störung album 'This Is Future'. The original mastertape still in perfect condition has been used for this re-release. Carefully some minor corrections were applied to make it sound like it should have compared to the original pressing. Clogsontronics presents this product in a new concept: A release both on vinyl and CD in one package. The buyer gets the art and analog feeling of the vinyl as well as the convenience and technical quality of the CD. For best results the vinyl was cut using the DMM cutting process and pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Also included in the package are 2 stickers similar to the ones the band used for promotion back in the old days. The release is limited to 700 hand number stamped copies (matched numbers for both vinyl and CD) with lyrics and credits on the inner sleeve.

LP Clogsontronics: SG008 remind