Silent Servant / Kalon / Function


Silent Servant / Kalon / Function - Violencia

Silent Servant (aka John Mendez) brings his own uniquely spooky flavour to his original version of ‘Violencia'. The sound of steam-presses working away in a deserted and derelict factory. No-one is there to operate them, yet still they hammer their desolate rhythm with precision… Kalon sounds as if he is physically dismantling the track, the squeal of metal grinding behind a sparser, yet more insistent groove gives the impression of destruction, then renewal and regrowth. The final part to this little fantasy belongs to Function , who by tying together the moods of the other two versions manages to bring an atmosphere of completion, the end of the story.

12inch Sandwell District: SWD011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L