The Village Orchestra

The Dark Is Rising

The Village Orchestra - The Dark Is Rising

With the lines between dubstep, techno, house and hip-hop becoming more blurred by the day, Stuffrecords unleashes another new EP that occupies this netherground but still sounds uniquely Stuff. The Village Orchestra is the techno nom de plume of Ruaridh Law, one third of The Marcia Blaine School Girls. Dubstep man of the year, 2562, was an ideal choice for the remix - fresh from the success of his album Aerial on Tectonic. His refix of 'Afanc' is a spacious beast, half dubstep and half Chain Reaction Heroin House. A1 + A2 by Dwyer sums this up perfectly, drawing heavily on the spirit of old skool hardcore.

12inch Stuff Records: Stuff006 remind