Dennis Garcia

Door To Dimension 4 (Bangkok Impact rmx)

Dennis Garcia - Door To Dimension 4 (Bangkok Impact rmx)

In 1974 Melbourne based musician Dennis Garcia recieved a grant from the Australian government and the IBM Corporation for the creation of music using bio-mechanical feedback devices. With electrodes attached to his head and wired up with cables to trigger both drums and synthesizers, the resulting experiments were released two years later on the album 'Jive to Stay Alive'. Fans of the record included David Bowie, with whom Garcia played keyboards on the 1978 ''Low and Heroes World Tour''. M Division Recordings present a piece of lost Australian dance music history with Garcia's psychedelic space disco jam entitled 'Door to Dimension 4'. Alongside the original is a straight digital disco rework from Bangkok Impact and a loose and heavy guitar laden version from fellow dimensioneers, Inverto.

12inch M Division: MDIV003 € 7,99