Arne Weinberg

Alpha & Omega

Arne Weinberg - Alpha & Omega

Following on from 2006’s debut LP “Path of the Gods”, Arne Weinberg’s second album will take you on a musical passage from Alpha to Omega and demonstrate the diversion of Arne’s palette of sounds. Too many modern Techno Albums feature just a collection of tracks with no real story to tell, Arne’s second album aims to be more than just that and pushes further the boundaries of modern techno music. From the dark and mystic feel of “Everlasting” to the floor shaking grooves of “Nightstalker” and “Eclectic Spiral” or the deep electro influenced ambience of “Synthetic Dissection” and “With trembling hands” this album has it all. The CD version includes a bonus CD with unreleased ambient material and is limited to 200 copies only.

2x12inch AW Recordings: AW013LP remind
CD AW Recordings: AW013CD remind