Krazy Baldhead

Sweet Night

Krazy Baldhead - Sweet Night

Krazy Baldhead remixed the noisy duo Damage, the funky duo Outlines and met the Brooklyn rapper Tes, signed on Lex/Warp. Tes' featuring on Crazy Moth3f2ck8z, extract of Krazy Baldhead’s second EP Dry Guillotine, comfirmed Ed Banger’s hip hop turning point. Just like Sebastian, Justice or DJ Mehdi, Krazy Baldhead became one of the mainstays of the label. He obviously was part of the ED REC Vol. II adventure, with his freezing Strings of Death, and we saw him again on the last compilation of the label, ED REC Vol. III with the spaced out No Cow, No Pow.

12inch picture disc Because: Bec2451 € 8,99