The Godz Of Quad

The Gods

The Godz Of Quad - The Gods

Cut It Up Def is pleased to announce that they have just remastered this incredible album by heavyweights Kooley C, Jock D, & Boogie Waters. 16 tracks of the hardest hittin bass known to mortal men and quite possibly the greatest Miami bass album never released. Never fully released anyway, some singles may be familiar as they were licensed to Joey Boy & Phathouse records. In the tradition of Miami Bass Jams Vol.1, Jock-D has made it his mission to fully remaster this album and present it the way he wanted to, back in the day. Recorded between 1997-99, most of these collaborations between bass juggernauts Kooley C and Jock D have never seen the light of day and will now finally be heard for the very first time.

CD Cut it up Def records: CIUDV201002CD € 17,99