Terrence Parker

Tribute To Ken Collier

Terrence Parker - Tribute To Ken Collier

This special release is dedicated to Detroit DJ legend Ken Collier. Because of Ken Collier, Detroit developed a dance scene, which inspired artists and producers to make dance records, which gave birth to TECHNO, which has provided careers for so many artists in the business today. However, this special compilation isn't about techno, it's about house. This record was formerly released with no info, but now the artist and track titles have been discovered, revealing four wonderful House gems exclusive to the compilation. The sublime “Your Love” leads this 7th Sign version and also featured on the record is a special “Tribute” mix of Seven Grand Housing Authority’s “Love’s Got Me High”, plus the extremely funky “Somethin Here”. “Why after All This”, from the original release, appears exclusively on the digital release. This new issue on 7th Sign is a golden opportunity to own on vinyl what is now a very rare, yet classic EP.

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR016 remind