Artist: John Shima - All

John Shima - Contact EP

John Shima

Contact EP

Techno legend John Shima strikes again!

12inch Instruction: INST07 remind

 John Shima - Movement ep

John Shima

Movement ep

One for the deep detroit technoheads..! Artwork hand painted by Abdul Haqq (Third Earth). Vinyl only, limited edition of 200 copies.

12inch Emotions Electric: EE0001 remind

John Shima - Stealth EP

John Shima

Stealth EP

After some outstanding releases from Stojche, Aybee and Kuba Sojche, DMK step up again with another impressive release, this time with John Shima who... more...

12inch DMK: DMK005 remind

John Shima - Rotation Ep

John Shima

Rotation Ep

Beautiful Detroit inspired techno tracks by John Sima. Classic and timeless vibes. Tip!!

12inch Contrast Wax: CW010 remind

John Shima - Elements Unknown

John Shima

Elements Unknown

The EP entitled Elements Unknown, is pure techno for laying back in a dark room and floating away, highly detailed layers of electronic sounds interwe... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Shima - Renegade ep

John Shima

Renegade ep

Brand new label out of London receiving transmissions from across the celestial sphere and translating them into beautiful techno for the good people... more...

12inch Distant Worlds: DWT001 remind

Steven Rutter & John Shima  - Step Into The Light

Steven Rutter & John Shima

Step Into The Light

Label head Steven Rutter joins forces with John Shima (FS005) on this bright EP with its direction turned towards the light. The heavenly ‘Skywards... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS015 remind

Barson / Freddy Fresh / Artes / John Shima - TRB01

Barson / Freddy Fresh / Artes / John Shima


Tribe is a record label created by like-minded artists from Barcelona, with a bold purpose of generating and sharing their idea of timeless electronic... more...

12inch Tribe Recodings: TRB01 remind

John Shima - The Lonely Machine
2x12inch Firescope Records: FS019 remind

John Shima - Apoapsis EP

John Shima

Apoapsis EP

Sheffield based John Shima joins the diametric. family. After a series of digital releases in the last years it is a tremendous pleasure to release th... more...

12inch Diametric: 15-diam € 9,29