Rigas Den Andre

Valla Torg ep

Rigas Den Andre - Valla Torg ep

Finest Skweee goods from the Harmonia imprint courtesy of Rigas Den Andre this time, fingering his machines to find the optimal dosage of Skwee excess on three tracks backed with a Spartan Lover remix. Our favourite has to be 'Martial Arts', featuring Rigas pulling out synthlines that can make men look like they've just drank an ounce of vinegar while having their nipples clamped. 'I Am Crane' on the flipside reminds us of the chiptune set, with the Spartan Lover remix sounding like Zomby if he had never heard of hardcore. Killer 12'', cheeky ass funk!

12inch Harmonia: HRMN008 € 9,99