Peter Van Hoesen

Entropic Minus Six

Peter Van Hoesen - Entropic Minus Six

Yesss... new T2X is always a pleasure!! Entropic Minus Six contains four tracks selected from Peter Van Hoesen’s forthcoming album. The mission of these four tunes is clearly aimed at the dancefloor. -Terminal- kicks off this EP with an acidic, addictive bassline, supported by a solid kick drum traveling up and down the scales. -Strip It, Boost It- throws swinging metallic percussion at the listener, using only a few elements to maximum effect. On the flip side -Quartz #1- presents the story of a runaway slap-bass riff, twisting and turning into a mad machinefunk frenzy. -Defense Against The Self- opts for a more atmospheric approach, while maintaining the focus on the Peter's essential bass-heavy sound. Essential heavy bass, stripped down, machine influenced techno!

12inch Time To Express: T2X010 remind