Peter van Hoesen

Stealth 3/3

Peter van Hoesen - Stealth 3/3

The Stealth triple vinyl series presents six tracks taken from Peter Van Hoesen's 'Stealth' mix compilation. The same philosophy is carried across: it marries Peter's music with the sounds he is influenced by. The result is a powerful selection of vibrant techno, with a warm, almost spiritual, feel to it. The last instalment of the 'Stealth' vinyls focuses on the productions of the Time To Express founder. Reflecting the themes of the series, Van Hoesen offers his own vision of hypnotic techno on 'Shadows & Concern', a powerful and expansive piece. The series is completed in appropriate fashion with 'Unicorn', an emotive track that displays Van Hoesen's more melodic side.

12inch Time To Express: T2XS303 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L