Doxa Sinistra

Conveyer Belt

Doxa Sinistra - Conveyer Belt

Re-issue from '85 cassette release! Dark gritty electronix of which some tracks sound like some mid 90's Warp releases (think Aphex Twin). Doxa Sinistra was besides The Actor and Ende Shneafliet one of the more prominent acts on the Trumpett label in the 1980's. Conveyer Belt is simply one of the best pieces of experimental and industrial music released in that era. Even today this music stands on its own and has lost nothing of it genius, originality and impact. Conveyer Belt is a haunting and crazy listening experience and a mind blowing sound trip. The music is beyond any rigid genre defintion: you may call it industrial free jazz, or wild electronics, or psychedelic angst pop, or noise paintings. After almost 25 years these tracks are still some of the most adventurous electronic sounds produced to date. This said it is no suprise Enfant Terrible had to put this music to vinyl for the first time, as the original release dating from 1985 was on cassette. Only minor changes were made in the tracklisting to make it fit on vinyl and to fulfil the demands of the musicians. The album was remastered from the original source tapes, providing a sound quality as originally intended, but too elaborate to do justice on cassette. (Lp+7''!)

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant012 remind