Jonny White & James Teej

Narco Balada (Chaton rmx)

Jonny White & James Teej - Narco Balada (Chaton rmx)

Sustaining a standard of quality underground music, Ripperton's Perspectiv has again picked fresh talent for their next release. Canadians Jonny White and James Teej joined forces in the studio to share their passion for a stripped back sound of intense house tracks. At just over eleven minutes, Narco Balada casts a deadly spell of inertia that transports the listener to the endless depths of club. Pure club tracks that reveal their beauty and power on a sweaty dancefloor in the darkest hours of the night. The man on remix duty is Chaton, and he turns the hazy original verion into a tight robotic bassline driven monster. A bassline that could have been one of Daniel Bell's DBX project with its Detroit machine funk combine with sinister chords or an early plus8 release. The hypnotic pulsating funk evokes party nostalgia and a nod to the Canadian (Windsor-Detroit, Plus8-Probe) dance music history. Classic remix! Worth the check for sure!

12inch Perspectiv: Pspv002.9 € 7,99