UFO Onderzoek 1983

Smackos - UFO Onderzoek 1983

Finally there is news about Smackos; UFO Onderzoek 1983 album. Announced more then three years ago it got lost, but recently the masters were found intact floating around in a cupboard in the IFMX studios. It will be released on a new Hotmix Foundation subsidairy called Powerman records. UFO Onderzoek 1983 is dutch (as are all the titles of this album) and it means UFO research 1983. The story goes something like this.... Autumn 1983. UFO fever has come to the desolated parts of the Netherlands. Rumours of strange sightings and abductions are plenty. Q & D, two students at the astronomy faculty in a small-town university trace the sightings back to the polar regions. They take the plane to the norwegian island of Svalbaerd were they discover the shocking truth... Twenty-seven tracks of adventure, mystery, romance and cosmic horror.

CDr Hotmix Powerman Records: HM-PM001 remind