Gunnar Jonsson

Muskelminne ep

Gunnar Jonsson - Muskelminne ep

On his first release, Muskelminne EP, Gunnar delivers an Indian summer love song, Massagerutin 1, some deep and glistering morning music with the track Morgonånga and ends with the raw but perfect bonus beat, Lilla huset på prärien. Or as Gunnar Jonsson puts it: “I just want to have a good time with music, no steroids, no tricks, just some soft grooves and some hardware fun. I love older electronic instruments, the way they look and sound makes me feel good inside and gets me going. Eat healthy and ride a bike between the studio sessions that is Gunnar Jonssons vibe. It is our wish that this EP will end many summer night dance floors.

12inch Kontra Musik: KM014 € 7,99