Tyler Friedman


Tyler Friedman - Vulkalaunai/Wallouian

As an encore to the mesmerizing CCC: BB: BBB: JJ release on Kontra-Musik, Tyler Friedman brings out his version of what he thinks "DJ techno tools" are. This is music for the dancefloor alright, but it's a dancefloor from a strange and slightly uncanny dream. Tyler explores the sonic field between the chillingly precise and the vivaciously warped - the disciplined and the untamed. He thrives in that space, creating an eerie microcosmos of evolving harmonies and rhythms that seem to have lives of their own - like music coming out from a haunted clockwork. A suiting apparatus for a label unconcerned with the conventions of time.

12inch Kontra Musik: KM042 € 9,49