Funk Ethics

Razor Boy / Broken Soul Music

Funk Ethics - Razor Boy / Broken Soul Music

Long anticipated return of the excellent Reduction label out of Bristol town. Funk Ethics are welcomed after a very well received debut tune on the Destructive/Pitch Black compilation series Our Sound. Razor Boy treads a knife edge most delightfully, mighty sized subs add significant low-end weight to a mighty original riddim, its plucked motif is particularly redolent of some of the recent developments from the likes of Kowton, XXXY, Indigo - you perhaps begin to get the picture.. but this is deepest soulful electronic club music. Broken Soul Music - well, the clues rest in the title - stone killer low end boogie music. Another highly imaginative flex from the Reduction camp, as it gathers some serious momentum - watch out!

12inch Reduction Records: RDCTN004 remind