Tom Noble in Ligervision

LigerVision ep

Tom Noble in Ligervision - LigerVision ep

Tom Noble presents the LigerVision project! With the vinyl buying crowd known as one of the uber diggers who always comes up with sweetness. Tom is now slowly establishing himself as one of the new breed boogie, disco and funk producers who drops some retro futuristic boogie funk! Previously released projects on Lotusland, Liger Music and Peoples Potentential Unlimited. Now its time, after several edit releases, to let the world hear some original works!. Together with his buddy Matt Rowland from LigerMusic they deliver this EP with 6 modern takes on classic disco,boogie and funk! Sweaty, synth-heavy instrumental tracks going from warm up-tempo boogie jams such as Dancin Hard and Sleepinmybed to late night summertime funk cuts such as Look and Music Engine. Probably easy to relate this to guys such as Dam Funk, Midnight Star and even the Finnish Putsch 79 guys (making the link to the Clone Loft Supreme Series) in any case... this Ligervision ep surely delivers some heat. Be prepared to hear much more from Tom Noble in the near future...

EP + Download Clone Loft Supreme Series: CLSS007 remind