Los Massieras

Better than Italians EP

Los Massieras - Better than Italians EP

The mustachioed, leather-booted, scarf- and necktie-wearing Berliner duo is back! Bananamania presents its second release and the second 12'' from Los Massieras. Their debut EP from earlier this year was well received from both DJs and press, getting play from the likes of Traxx and Daniel Wang and praise from Pitchfork, who rated their edit ''Boogity Boogity Boogity'' 8/10 and debuted the accompanying video worldwide. But instead of celebrating their success with a siesta, the disco dandies strike again with the perfect summer EP! >> All three tracks are versions of classic Italian pop tunes. And we are not talking about obscure Italo here - this is the mainstream sound of 1970s Italy, reinvented, which of course means heavy psychedelic boogie! >> Setting the tone is Allrighty, a stomping hoedown with jubilant bluesy horn riffs and swirling harmonicas that pollinate the ranch with pheromone-laced glitter, sounding a bit like the ghosts of James Brown and Captain Beefheart reenacting their favorite scenes from Brokeback Mountain. Meanwhile, Rumores has already reached #5 on Billboard's Hi-NRG Gospel Chart, preaching to the disco choir as some satanic fuzzed out guitar inspires suggestive hip-swaying and threatens to bring boogie armageddon. Now that they've destroyed the barn and the church, Los Massieras invite some friends to house things up a bit: Italian duo Discodromo (Internasjonal) team up with Boris (Berghain) as CockTail d'Amore - also the name of their sweaty, testosteriffic party in Berlin - for a smooth, deep version of Rumore that rounds out the EP with a subtle tutti frutti finish... Now get up and boogie!

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