Tristram Cary

It's time for Tristram Cary

Tristram Cary - It's time for Tristram Cary

Over the last few years intrepid music lovers have been investigating and enjoying the work of pioneering electronic musicians, electro-acoustic artists and all the groovy folks who spent hours manipulating and cutting tape to make new and exciting sounds. It’s meant that lots of interesting figures have been brought back into our musical view. But one of the most important, innovative, influential and almost forgotten artists of them all is Tristram Cary. He hasn’t had that much exposure over the last few years. Not much at all considering he is known as “the father of electronic music”. Well now his story is here. Some of his experimental music is here. And you are here too. So buy this LP now and spend some time with the great man and his extraordinary compositions for film, TV, sculptures and exhibitions. And if you like this hopefully more Cary recordings will follow.

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