Part 1

Lol - Part 1

Lol is a bit of an unusual project, it's just a thing in it's own right, it's not ‘for’ anything or anyone in particular, it's just an LP made by three bored people who like music that sounds like it did before the advent of the internet. The project was recorded in the bedroom of a warehouse conversion in Hackney Wick (bedrooms can be incredibly creative spaces, seeing as most of us were conceived in one) They wrote about self-obsession, social anxiety, drug abuse, and failed relationships using pre-21st century recording devices such as VHS tape, 70's valve microphones, analogue synths, cheap Argos catalogue guitars, and 80's drum machines. The resulting music was sent to a handful of people they thought were similarly musically inclined; people deeply into producer culture who never rabidly stuck to one way of doing things, in the hope that they might like it too. After a few positive responses, it was decided to keep the project close to where it was created and London based label Nonplus+ Records proudly put their name behind it. The name was chosen after a text conversation about potential band names - none of which sounded right - with the last suggestion being ''Polterchrist?'' which was replied to with a simple ''lol''. lol sounded neat so that was it. They liked the fact that it used to be an abbreviation for ‘lots of love’ but now just means ‘laughing out loud’. It seemed to fit the cheap, cynical nature of what they’d written about... oh and it looks a bit like a person with their hands in the air.

LP Nonplus: NonplusLP002pt1 € 7,49