Les Shonkettes

Shonky - Les Shonkettes

The title track is a fast paced house cut harking back to early days with stark piano stabs and echoes of soprano melodies, brought up to date with high standard production techniques. Still using a vintage sound, 'Crapulerie' is hypnotic and seductive in its approach, taking a darker and slower angle with its central rumbling bassline. In much the same way the loops of 'Obelix' entangle the listener in a swaying rhythm of vocal cries and spellbinding sounds. 'Conquistador' is the last sibling to this package, the final curtain glistening with charm and alight with pleasure. This is Shonky at his best, twisting and turning to eternally surprise with his technique.

12inch Contexterrior: CNTX45 remind