The Otherside ft Musa K

Headless Corpse/Roadblock

The Otherside ft Musa K - Headless Corpse/Roadblock

Originally heard on a C90 mixtape from the mid 90s; unearthed 15 years later, recorded from a demo played on The Andy Kershaw Show on Radio 1 in 1996! What followed was an epic quest to find the artist and the original masters and all roads led to West London, Summer 2010............. Musa K hails from Sierra Leone but is now based in West London and his tracks paint a landscape of brutality and horror on the Guinea coast, set to a soundtrack that is pure funk. These two remarkable previously unreleased tracks fuse and deconstruct; Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Techno, P-Funk and Dub. A truly unique voice and lyrical style Musa fits no stereotype. An edition of 200, 12inch black vinyl remastered from original mastertapes. Will fly out the door as fast as the labels first release with that brilliant Legowelt remix!

12inch Signals: SIG.MMX.II (signals) remind