Erik Travis

Make You Rock

Erik Travis - Make You Rock

Clone Crown ltd series continues with some Detroit electro funk! For those not familiar with Erik Travis let us introduce him briefly. End of the 80's when Atkins just started his Metroplex label there was another guy doing electro and funk inspired futuristic dance tracks, Erik Travis. Erik Travis released in 1987 as Sound Of Mind the cult classic 'Programming' and some other obscure records fusing electro, 'techno' and rap. Somehow Erik Travis disappeared until the late 90's when he returned with his own label FACT records, and tracks on Databass and Metroplex. Till today he is one of the most unique characters in Detroit just minding his own business, making tracks that sound (quote) 'like no-one before him or after him'. Fast paced vocal electro funk with tracks such as Rollin' Through Time, Techno Drivers that are true classics. Here a new 4 track ep that sounds like no one before him or no one after him!

12inch + Download Clone Crown ltd: CCrown04 remind