Reno Wurzbacher / Mike Dehnert


Reno Wurzbacher / Mike Dehnert - MIJU EP

Colombage is a new division of Fachwerk Records focusing on more house releated tracks. Like before Fachwerk and Mike Dehnert stay close to home with selecting contributing artist for his label... After long time buddy's Sasha Rydell and Roman Lindau he add's a new artist to his roster... Roman's long time friend Reno Wurzbacher. Mr Wurzbacher delivers a smooth warm track that feels like a warm breeze on a summer night. Friendly and nice! Flip side is done by Mike Dehnert himself with a typical track for him... but lets be honnest, not so housey after all :-) Techy chords, fierce percussion with nice rides and slowly building... thats how we like our Mike Dehnert tracks!

12inch Colombage: Colombage01 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L