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Latch, Fasten, Secure

cover: Solvent - Latch, Fasten, Secure

''Latch, Fasten, Secure'' is a new 3-track 12'' by Canada's Solvent, known for his melodic electro and vocoder pop releases on Ghostly, Morr Music, and his own Suction Records. For MinimalRome, Solvent debuts a new approach, so please don't expect any sweet Solvent melodies this time; in fact, don't expect any melodies at all. Here Solvent delivers 3 tracks of pure Bunker/Rephlex-style acid, monotonous and pounding. ''Fasten'' is the most straight-up acid track present, nothing but 707/606 percussion + x0xb0x squelch. ''Latch'' and ''Secure'' are more dark, abstract, dirty. ''Secure'' is epic madness, clocking in at over 16 minutes; at times slow and prodding, elsewhere growling furiously in sheets of distortion. Every track has been edited down from hour+ long hardware studio jams, with the computer acting strictly as a multi-track audio recorder. Solvent's customized acid box, a heavily modified x0xb0x, features heavily on every track, alongside classic techno boxes like the 808, 101, and Pro One. Limited to 250 copies.

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