Utilizen Stock Sounds

Tripmastaz - Utilizen Stock Sounds

For release no.4 Sudden Drop enlisted the talents of Russian based recording artist & DJ Tripmastaz, who has been producing for the likes of Morris Audio and most noticeably DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings imprint since 2004. With each release his sound seems to get more defined and mature and our attention which seriously pricked when we first heard his tracks being played on Jus-Ed’s radio show. We quickly got in touch and asked for some tracks. First up is ‘Utilized Stock Sounds’, originally produced in 2003 this melancholic slab of deep techno deservedly finally sees the light of day with a grimy lo-fi feel and enough dance floor nous to work the floor admirably. Flip side track ‘Botinko Dub’ injects a big, cavernous bass line and razor sharp hats n’snares.

12inch Sudden Drop: SDrop04 remind