Bernard Herrmann

Alfred Hitchcocks Movie Soundtracks

Bernard Herrmann - Alfred Hitchcocks Movie Soundtracks

A four LP set of heavy 180G vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. Three musical masterpieces composed by musical architect Bernard Herrmann for genius Hitchcock. This album set includes the original mono soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man (1956, never before available on vinyl), and the original stereo soundtracks to Vertigo (1958) and North by Northwest (1959) by Bernard Herrmann, one of the greatest film composers in the history of cinema. Besides working with Hitchcock, he wrote the scores to several other classics: Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver and Cape Fear, to name a few. However, unlike most other musical directors, Herrmann insisted on complete creative control over his music and once said, “I have the final say, or I don’t do the music.” Herrmann also said that Hitchcock would in fact astonishingly shorten or lengthen the scenes to fit his music.

4LP Doxy: DOXY003 remind