Addison Groove

It's Got Me / Minutes Of Funk

Addison Groove - It's Got Me / Minutes Of Funk

Martyn comes with one of 2010's most celebrated Producers who fires off his 3024 collab with a pair of brand new exclusives. It's Got Me drags a cornerstone of classic hip hop into the 21st century with trademark spasmodic Chicago drum acrobatics and vocal splicing working the track into a frenzy while his less acknowledged way with gauzy analogue textures never allow things to slip into the trap of dance floor bludgeon. Minutes Of Funk dials back the ferocity just enough to open up extra space for more luxurious synth washes and increasingly intricate rhythmic shifts as interlocking traces of dance floor past combine to form the thinking mans set opener.

12inch 3024: 3024-012 remind