The Oliverwho Factory

I Can See

The Oliverwho Factory  - I Can See

''I Can See'' by The Oliverwho Factory is the second release of german label Couldn't Care More (following Stareaways ''Learn How To Love Me'') and it's just marvellous: The duo from Detroit, who by the way runs the stunning label Madd Chaise Inc. and recently released ''Galactic Transit'' on Rush Hour and ''Night Lights'' on Planet E, delivers finest Detroit tech deep house with a twist, that will make you wave your arms and scream on the dancefloor. While the basic track is voluminously wafting and rawly pushing forward vocalist Shone tops it with her power- and soulful singing. Both tracks are mastered straight to the point by A.O.S. Classic.

12inch Couldn't Care More: NT002. remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L