Justice - Civilization

From now on, the duo's ascent was constant and then lightning struck: remixes for N.E.R.D, Britney Spears, Franz Ferdinand, U2, Daft Punk, Lenny Kravitz and an EP in 2006 defining the Justice sound, this famous ultra-powerful compression of pop and baroque melodies, both dark and threatening; lightning and animative; and above all the famous Justice image, the cross from which an earlier version figures on the first EP. 2007 was the explosion that will turn the duo into the emblem of a whole generation: their first album ''†'', anticipated like the Messiah, holds all the promises, and swept everything away as an epic soundtrack. ''†'' is more than a magnificent synthesis of our time: its potential definition. Etched vinyl ,poster (500 are signed by the band !!!)

12inch Ed Banger: Bec5772886 remind