John Osborn (ft Appleblim)

Epoch 4

John Osborn (ft Appleblim) - Epoch 4

October and John Osborn are proud to present the inaugural 12inch on their newly minted Bristol and Berlin based House & Techno label: Tanstaafl records.
TANSTAAFL is an acronym for [There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch].
We kick things off with John Osborn’s debut release, Epoch 4 backed with a darker, reduced; dub-influenced Version.
John based in Berlin worked with October in his Bristol based studio to create and produce some wonderful, raw, dirty analogue house music.
Both tracks were meticulously produced by Herr Osborn and recorded and engineered by October. Laurie Appleblim’s joined the studio session and he dove straight into the Juno 60 and played the melody that finnishes the track off. Tough floor business for your feet and mind; tried and tested around the world. A great start for this promising label.

12inch Tanstaafl Records: Tans001 remind