Chris And Cosey

Songs Of Love And Lust

Chris And Cosey - Songs Of Love And Lust

This albums, which has been unavailable on vinyl for 20 years, has been painstakingly remastered by Chris Carter from the original master tape speci?cally for this vinyl re-releases and showcase what many consider to be some of Chris & Cosey?s ?nest work from their eighties period. This limited-edition album is available on coloured vinyl and is presented in a specially 'remastered' sleeve which also includes a 12'' double-sided insert of archive photos, press clippings and interviews. Songs of Love & Lust was originally released by Rough Trade Records in 1984 and was at the time considered to be quite a departure for both them and Rough Trade. The album contains Chris & Cosey?s trademark infectious rhythms, melodic tunes, edgy guitar, wailing cornet and of course Cosey's unique vocals - which give a dark and sensual edge to the production.

LP Conspiracy International: CTILP009 remind