Throwing Snow

Shadower / Sanctum

Throwing Snow - Shadower / Sanctum

New sub llabel of Glass Table records with some killer tracks!! A-side ‘Shadower‘ emerges from an atmosphere of punchy bass notes and harmonious tones only to be splattered with pinging cow bells and soft focus hang drum notes. Its mission is unclear at first, but when the bassline kicks in and all the elements come together at once, it’s a surging, melodically complex track imbued with a rising sense of euphoria that never becomes too over-powering: well balanced and deftly arranged, it sounds like little else out there. On the flip, ‘Sanctum’ is patient in its build up of a deep, Hot Flush styled atmosphere, before raw analogue stabs signify the arrival of the track’s main features – an off-kilter percussive line that restlessly chops and slices. Nice§

12inch Sneaker Social Club: SNKR001 remind