HNNY / Kornel Kovacs

Barn 006

HNNY / Kornel Kovacs - Barn 006

Next up in Studio Barnhus' split coloured 10 inch series (the previous installment was Acid Andy and Axel Boman on yellow vinyl) is handsome newcomer HNNY and Barnhus' very own desperado Kornel Kovacs. On the A side, HNNY takes a saccharine rnb cover of perhaps the greatest power ballad ever and turns it into a perfect little edit – as simple as it is inspired, this is an obvious end-of-the-night-turn-the-lights-up-in-the-club-anthem if we ever heard one. On the logo side, Kornel Kovacs brings the heat with Down Since '92 - a bass-driven, vocal-laced pop house song about hate, love and jealousy. Break it down! Red vinyl, no digital - limited to 300 copies worldwide. Barnhus bang the party once again! Freshness.

10inch Studio Barnhus: Barn006 remind