DJ Sotofett

DJ Sotofett presenterer Dritfett

DJ Sotofett - DJ Sotofett presenterer Dritfett

While the first release on Wania, Busen & Paleo's Stream Of Love (featuring DJ Sotofett's anthemic overdub-12inch-edit) was a rather leftfield affair, Dritfett is aimed more directly towards the dancefloor. The label artwork gives a clear clue as to what this release is all about: amongst a number of cryptic messages and shout-outs in Norwegian – a TR-909 logo. All the tracks here are based around the 909 – thunderous kickdrums and sharp, hissing hi-hats that cut through the mix. Still, there's a broad range of sounds, from head-down, fists-clenched warehouse workouts with an industrial edge, to more melodic tracks with Detroit references aplenty. Make no mistake though: this is all about the power of the almighty 909. There's no fancy tricks here‚ no Ableton-trickery or polished waveforms, just good honest techno with a real raw live feel. This gives the tracks the energy and spontaneity that is sorely missed in many of today's productions. The kind of energy you'll find – in abundance – in the house and techno releases of the 90's. The kind of energy that can only be achieved by pressing play on a machine, frenetically twisting knobs and punching buttons while letting the energy of the room decide where to go next.

12inch Wania: Wania98 remind