Maxim Lany

Collaborations ep

Maxim Lany - Collaborations ep

Another hard rockin house ep with some hints of disco & 90's club music on this nice little label. After various collaborations in the past it is now time for the ’Collaborations E.P.’ Instead of boring you with describing how the claps and the bass lines work together, let’s just mention how the tracks happened and with who Maxim collaborated on this E.P. First up is Katorski, the young producer from Antwerp who also made ‘Chains’, which was featured on Lany 11-02. Maxim and Max now present us ‘Cunnie’, more deepness for the masses. For A2 Maxim teams up with Lemakuhlar of We Play House Recordings fame. On the B-side Maxim starts the proceedings together with his rave partner in crime Ante Perry. When he comes to Belgium for the streetfestival in Ghent he parties hard, and after parties even harder in the studio. There you have it: ‘Gentse Feesten’ in a nutshell! Concluding the E.P. is Maxim’s collaboration with the mysterious Harri Baldi. Is he an Italian disco producer? A 70ies movie star? Or simply a well-known Belgian producer from our family? See for yourself, but this reworking of a tacky Italian disco record will surely lift your spirits. Lany 11-03, a fine package for fine ears.

12inch Lany: Lany1103 € 7,99