West Norwood Cassette Library

Say What?

West Norwood Cassette Library  - Say What?

New Kanada welcomes London's Bob Bhamra into the chamber, with this two-track breaker from his West Norwood Cassette Library (WNCL) guise. \''Say What?\'' is a broken sub workout, with a strong nod to the hardcore continuum. Distant alarms, aggressive drums, and deep bass drops make this a floor-killer for all sound camps. \''Flashlight\'' is an aqueous solution of damp funk that will resonate the head and drop the lights. Gaseous and moody. On the flip is a slow burner remix of \''Flashlight\'' by Adam Marshall - sitting somewhere between tired breaks and acid reggae. 11 minutes of Moog.

12inch New Kanada: NK030 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L