Rivet + Marcel Fengler

Amid The Roar

Rivet + Marcel Fengler - Amid The Roar

Rivet puts a lot of effort in his sounds and his production. This is not another copycat. First out on the EP Amid the Roar is Metrist, a sexy march that blends the stiffness 80-ties disco with techno from the future. On the b-side Marcel Fengler takes his turn on Metris. He keeps the string of the original, chops up the bass and creates a dancefloor monster with a big anthem alert stamp on it. Amid the Roar ends with what might be the strongest track on the ep. This EP will make us dance, of course ,as always, with a bit of a Kontra-Musik twist.

12inch Kontra Musik: KM023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L