Monolake - Ghosts

Two years after Monolake's 'Silence' release, Robert Henke is back with a new Monolake album entitled 'Ghosts'. Dark and colorful, with haunting and deep excursions into magic worlds of sound and grooves, held together by a fragmentary story as part of the artwork that indicates a continuation of themes present on 'Silence': Precisely crafted earthshaking beats, rough dirty noises, wide lush soundscapes and little sonic creatures inhabiting a fascinating planet in which a lot of things go badly wrong and nothing is taken for granted. Music that augments reality when listening to whilst commuting, music to get lost in when experienced loud in a club. There is nothing minimal in that music, it is bass heavy and full of detail. Recorded bit by bit at the Foggy Playground Berlin. CD version has 11 tracks and comes in luxury digipack. Barcode: 827670012023

CD Imbalance Computer Music: ML026CD(64902) remind
2LP+CD Imbalance Computer Music: ML026V(64904) remind