NY Stomp

The NY House Track

NY Stomp - The NY House Track

Illusion Recordings is bringing an absolute stomper from the appropriately titled NY Stomp with a track called ''the NY House Track''. The track is a massive track inspired by New York, Jersey house music and is designed to get every party rocking! NY Stomp is a special project by Gerd (Clone/4lux) who made this track to add to his live set with no intention to release it. It was just a cut made for his live sets and done as an hommage to the early days of NY and NJ house. However after playing this at a party from the Illusion guys in Leeds he got tortured by the guys to make him release it... and lets be honest... it would have been a shame if these cuts never made it to vinyl! One the flip side a slightly more introvert track calles ''Can You feel It''. On remix duty its Nicholas and Dj Aakmael both doing an excellent job by smoothening things up and take things a bit deeper. Proper house music!

12inch Illusion Recordings: ILL003 remind