Still Going


Still Going  - D117

Still Going’s first release on their newly minted label aims to find out. Beautiful balearic tracks on this new label. The guitar, which sounds like it was cut out of a Manuel Göttsching jam session, manages to do both simultaneously, giving new meaning to the word “riffing''. Beeps, buzzes, and saw wave hooks impart a seemingly random ebb and flow, but the steady punctuation of it all lays bare a sense of purpose. including vocals by Lizzy Yoder from Fischerspooner. Just when the song peaks en masse, piano, whirling around a chandelier, takes the party outside, where they pass out in the street. Rock & roll meets techno rebound meets dinner theatre—and there’s an unflagging, unchanging house beat keeping it all together.

12inch Still Going: SGR001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L